The 7 Essentials to Survive the UK…

If you read my previous post here on Dreamer’s Domain – you have seen that I am previously from South Africa. You know, where it’s ridiculously warm and we all ride lions to school? Yeah, that place. So moving to the chilly UK was a serious shift in my personal temperature gauge. As in, it broke.

We knew what we were getting into though and not only did we decide to move to the vastly different UK, we decided to move here in winter. (I know, it’s scary they give people like me a degree.)

So packing for me was quite a traumatic experience; swopping all my shorts and dresses for jeans and jerseys. Another thing to note that when you do pack for a cold place, you can only take about half the amount of stuff because its all so bulky and heavy – so.. ya, great. Not only am I packing only winter clothing, I’m also only packing HALF of my winter clothing. Curse you, baggage weight restrictions!

Arriving here we realised it wasn’t as bad as we had imagined, and we were “lucky” enough to be arriving in one of the most mild winters that England was experiencing in the past few years. This being said, there were still a number of days where I could have put my fingers in my drink to cool the drink down; or quite easily have dropped an anvil on my toes and not felt a thing – but I’m not one to complain. 😉

After being here for 6 months now, I have compiled what I’m sure will be the first of many lists to help me, and perhaps you, face the chilly weather and lifestyle of this stylish but hellishly cold place.

  1. A Durable and Versatile Jacket 

Something to keep you warm but also make you look effortlessly cool with a number of runway worthy outfits hidden underneath. My one is from last winter but this one is still available.

2. Boots you can (literally) walk 500 miles in…

Chelsea boots are the 2016 wardrobe staple for every stylista living in the UK. They are fashionable, comfortable and keep the toes toasty whilst roaming the numerous streets of London town. Check out this pair from NEXT.

3. Winter stockings/tights

For those summer days when you can’t just wear a dress; (which is often here) or for those super cold days when you need extra padding under your skinny jeans – a good pair of winter stockings will never do you wrong. Besides- they look way better then granny’s thermals.

4. The jumper you can wear with everything

A neutral colour, in a fabric that will stand on its own as well as under your durable jacket –  something you can wear during the day as well as on its own on a night out. Some girls can brave the short skirts and sleeveless tops but for those, like me, who catch a chill from opening the fridge, I would encourage jeans or leggings with this jersey on a night out. Simple yet stylish.

5. Ear muffs/A cute beanie

For the frosty walks to and from the station, keep your pip warm with some fluffy ear muffs or a cute woollen beanie.

6. THAT pair of jeans

Trust me, you will wear them almost every day! So make sure they are comfortable, stretchable and can endure many different types of weather in one day. I recommend a good pair of skinnies will do the job – I have mine and in the last 6 months they have been pretty much my very best friend.

7. A cross body handbag

Spending a day shopping in Oxford Street, my number one rule is to keep your hands free. It’ll help when you go to war with some leggy brunette over the last “On Sale” kimono from H&M. It’ll also help when you visit the local Starbucks for your latte pick-me-up and almond croissant (another UK staple).


Living in the UK can be tough, especially coming from South Africa where the weather is so vastly different. But the fashion is ‘drool worthy’ and all the various stores will make you want to sell your house to fund your shopping habit.

Being obsessed with fashion but low on funds is not a fun place to be but if you want an overload of cultural magnificence and historical beauty – then not coming here would be a very big mistake.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. I’m just here to make sure you’re dressed appropriately. 🙂

Peace out.




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